What Banks Give The Best Cash Loans In The Philippines?

No matter how hard you try to budget your household and expenses, sometimes you need to borrow the money. A lot of people don’t want to be in debt to family and friends, and they resort to online lenders or banks, which is perfectly fine.

However, borrowing more than you need can often have a negative impact on your financial situation. Therefore, before taking a loan, make sure to review reputable lenders, as well as their terms and condition.

Borrowing money doesn’t mean you are desperate, just think about all the business owners who borrow money to raise their capital. For that reason, to save you some time and help you make the best decision, we have decided to review a couple of banks in the Philippines that offer excellent service.

CashMart PH

Founded in 1969, CashMart PH is a Singapore-based company operating in the Philippines. This lender provides a variety of loans, such as cash, salary, OFW, and car loans. When it comes to interest rate, it all depends on the duration of your loan, for example, is it weekly, monthly, or yearly.

CashMart PH

Once you submit the necessary paperwork, you will be notified within 24 hours whether your loan application is approved or rejected. Additionally, you can borrow between P5,000 and P50,000. On top of that, you will have to submit two proof of billings, water bill, internet, cable, and at least one-year valid government ID.


Lendr is one of the most prominent lending platforms in the Philippines. They offer a secure, convenient, and dynamic loan application experience, which is what every person needs when going through this process. However, they don’t lend money but act as a broker between the borrower and the lender.


Their platform involves a vast majority of banks to choose from, which allows you more flexibility. The interest rate will depend on the bank you select, as well as loan approval duration. When it comes to the maximum loan limit, the lender will determine the limit based on your monthly income.

However, to use their services, you’ll have to open an account with Lendr, fill an application form, and provide proof of income, valid ID, proof of billing, copy if ITR, and employment certificate.


FundKo is a Philippines-based company, which employs peer-to-peer lending format. Here you will find plenty of loans to choose from, and it collects payments from borrowers and distributes them further to lenders.

Interest rate significantly varies; for example, for personal loans, it ranges from 12%-35%, while for SME loans, the interest is between 10% and 24%. The approval can last up to five business days, and the maximum loan limit is Php200,000 for personal loans.

Additionally, you will have to submit the following paperwork:

  • Two photos issued ID, one government, one company ID
  • Two latest proof of billing
  • Two months latest payslip
  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Employment certificate
  • If you are married, then you need to submit your marriage contract as well