Welcome New Advisors

//David Hirsch//

I’m asked often about how Metamorphic helps our portfolio companies. It’s cliché for us to call ourselves value-add, tell you how much experience we have, and talk about how great our network is. One of my favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin who said, “well done is better than well said.”

Instead, we’ve spent a lot of time curating an advisory board with a wide variety of experiences and skills. This gives us leverage and allows our small team to scale and provide value to portfolio companies in a large number of markets/industries against a diverse taxonomy of portfolio company needs whether that’s engineering, business development or even wellness.

Just last Thursday we held a roundtable at HSN’s offices, where Metamorphic advisor and HSN CEO Mindy Grossman hosted a group of our portfolio founders to talk about company culture. Mindy is a huge proponent of culture trumping strategy (which aligns with my own experience). She’s had a wide variety of experience with company culture ranging from Polo Ralph Lauren, Warnaco, Nike, and now HSN where she’s really turned the company around and positioned it for success in today’s world (not to mention being named number 22 on Fortune’s Business People of the Year this past year). Mindy shared her wisdom with our founders and answered questions about specific issues each company was having as they scale.

It’s these types of interactions that makes our advisory board so much more than just names on our website. That’s why I’m proud to introduce three new advisors we’re adding to the team. 

The first, Kristen Morrissey was actually one of the first people I hired when I was at Google. Kristen has now been at Google for 13 years, holding a variety of roles across the company such as launching AdSense for content and distribution globally and Google.org’s Crisis response team to Haiti, Chile, and Pakistan. Today Kristen is on the senior leadership team of Google Fiber (or as she jokes, the cable guys), working on content licensing and business development as they continue to roll out the service to the country.

The second is Dan Zigmond. Dan is VP of Data at Hampton Creek, the company most well known for it’s Mayo substitute, Just Mayo. Hampton Creek uses technology based upon understanding plants from every corner of the planet to enable consumers, food manufacturers and the largest retailers around the world to offer better, healthier products at a more affordable cost. Before Hampton Creek, Dan was the lead data scientist at Google Maps. He also spent time at Google as an engineer on the YouTube team, managing their data and analytics team as well as founding the Google TV ads team.

Last but not least, Rahul “RJ” Jain is joining our advisory board. RJ cofounded Appurify which Google acquired last summer. RJ was also the Director of Engineering at Sidecar and a principal software engineer at Zynga where he helped develop Farmville, led the Tools Division and received Zynga’s prestigious “Technical Rockstar Award.”

We’re really excited to be working with Kristen, Dan and RJ. All three are incredibly talented across business and technology, but are also exceptional people. They’re going to be a great asset for our portfolio companies and sounding board for our team.

I also wanted to give a shout out to another member of our advisory board, Jane Rosenthal, the CEO of Tribeca Enterprises who founded the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival is ongoing this week and has become an integral part of New York City’s media and technology growth. 

Lastly, we’re currently hiring at Metamorphic. We’re excited about what we’re building and know that it’s time to scale. We’re looking to expand the team from the most senior level people to more junior folks as well. We’re agnostic to experience level, and are more interested in merit so if you know any hungry and talented people (or are one yourself), please reach out to me at dh@mv.vc