Long $TWTR

//David Hirsch// Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to go on CNBC to discuss Twitter’s earnings report. Since I didn’t have enough time to go into details on my thoughts about the company, I figured I’d write a longer post describing the opportunities that I believe lay ahead for the company. As much as the product […]

The Decentralized Mobile Wallet

//David Hirsch// This past week, I spent a few days out west in the bay area visiting old and new portfolio companies (more info coming soon), meeting old friends and colleagues, many of which have gone on to do amazing things at many of the big web platforms. I got a chance to spend time […]

I Fought The Law

//David Hirsch// Millenials don’t have the same linear career paths that my father’s generation had. They aren’t spending 40 years working at large companies like IBM. Many are using the smartphone and the cloud as their “IBM”. Look no further than what’s happening in the taxi industry. In many cases when you get into an […]

Metamorphic Leads Series A Round in Boxbee

//David Hirsch// Metamorphic Ventures is proud to announce our investment in Boxbee. We believe that mobile devices have become magic wands for marketplaces in a variety of industries. Space is a problem that everybody has and storage is a massive yet broken industry. It’s expensive and nobody knows what exactly is in their storage unit. […]

Launchkey, MV’s Investment Against Security Hacks

//Ben Krall// Why, in today’s world, is a password still protecting our most important and private information? It stems back to the 60’s. The password was first used on MIT-built Compatible Time-Sharing Systems and continued to evolve as the computer and its internet capabilities expanded. When the password was created, there was no cloud, online […]


//David Hirsch// With all the various forms of social media and communication, and “FOMO” becoming a thing; numbers show that as a country we’re more depressed than ever. Roughly 9 percent of American adults suffer from some form of depression and this number is increasing over time. These numbers only reflect those that identified as […]

Who’s Hiring?

//David Hirsch// We’re proud to announce today that we’ve led the seed round of Switch, a mobile app which allows passive job seekers to discreetly explore opportunities while protecting their identity from their current employer. Switch uses a “tinder-like” interface to allow job seekers and employers to quickly flip through potential matches, swiping left or […]

Basic Elements

//David Hirsch// I have a lot to be thankful for this year. From my family, to work, to my friends, there is no shortage of places to look at for gratitude. On Tuesday morning, right off the red eye from Tel Aviv, I had the privilege of speaking to a middle school class at the […]

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

//David Hirsch// At the end of the day, the majority of the new commerce companies on the web (subscription, social, curation, daily deals, flash sales) are retailers. They need to continually raise money (Shoedazzle raised $66 million, Beachmint raised $73.5 million, Gilt raised $221 million, Fab raised $336 million, One King’s Lane raised $113 million) […]


//David Hirsch// I’m really excited to announce our latest investment, Snowball (funny enough the original Snowball was one of my first jobs in tech) . Anish and his team have built a really amazing product and I’m glad that the rest of the world will finally have the opportunity to experience it. Anish and Jeson set out to solve a […]