A Unicorn in NYC, Q&A with Adam Singolda

Up until a few months ago, Taboola may have been the best kept secret in NYC tech (Taboola raised over $117 million from Fidelity, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu, Comcast Ventures, Advance Publications and others). Taboola is one of the fastest growing b2b companies in the world, generating $200 million in revenue last year and reaching over […]

2015: A Customer Experience Odyssey

//David Hirsch// A few months ago I wrote a post on CNBC about how smart, smartphones will become in the near future. One of the key things I talked about was how artificial intelligence will be used in a variety of situations to create more efficient conversations with the world around us. Artificial Intelligence and […]

In New York And LA, New Startup Communities Flourish

//David Hirsch// TechCrunch Featured Guest Post. I first started coming to Los Angeles for business in 2001. We decided to open up a satellite Google office there along with many others around the country. We actually chose Orange County out of the gate. There was a small, nascent tech scene and most of my time […]

E-sports start-ups: A good game for investors

//David Hirsch// CNBC Featured Guest Post. On a plane coming back home from another long business trip, I noticed the passenger sitting next to me had his laptop out with a video game on the screen. But he wasn’t playing, he was watching others compete, as if it was an NFL or NBA game. Welcome […]

Southern Rites

//David Hirsch// Today I wanted to make sure to congratulate my friend Gillian Laub, an incredibly talented photographer and filmmaker, on last night’s release of her new documentary, Southern Rites. The film is not only well done, but it has also stirred controversy and opened up real change around a lingering issue in the South, […]

Welcome New Advisors

//David Hirsch// I’m asked often about how Metamorphic helps our portfolio companies. It’s cliché for us to call ourselves value-add, tell you how much experience we have, and talk about how great our network is. One of my favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin who said, “well done is better than well said.” Instead, we’ve […]

Emerging Industries With Massive Growth Potential

//David Hirsch// With all of the recent talk of frothy private technology markets and bubbles, the mainstream media have largely neglected just how ubiquitous technology is today. We’re all walking around with supercomputers in our pockets with unlimited storage and advanced capabilities we never could have imagined when the bubble burst in 2000. In just […]

The Gap

//David Hirsch// 2014 was a very active year for us at Metamorphic Ventures. From the time we closed our fund to January 1st,, we were extremely active; leading and participating in a number of early stage rounds and backing some pretty amazing founders. We invested in more companies, at a faster velocity than ever before, […]

The Cosmetics Makeover

//David Hirsch// If you told me a few years ago that I’d invest in a cosmetics company, I’d probably say you were crazy. While my whole career has been spent around business development and monetization of different startups, I never considered cosmetics as a focus. This all changed when I met Julie and Chelsa from […]