BetterView: Where Drones Meet Traditional Industry

//David Hirsch// One of the recurring themes we consistently gravitate towards at Metamorphic Ventures is how technology both disrupts and partners with traditional industries. For us, being headquartered in New York isn’t only necessarily about the incredible tech community that continues to thrive, but also the number of traditional industries represented. Access and understanding of […]

Solving a Major Pain Point (Literally)

//David Hirsch// As I’ve written about in the past, we’ve become accustomed to using our smartphone as a “magic wand” of sorts, matching supply and demand and accessing previously unbundled and inaccessible goods and services in a matter of moments. So why is it that there is still a pharmacy on every corner open 6-7 […]

Humanization of the Enterprise

//David Hirsch// In a world of constant disruption and innovation, human interactivity and connection will always have a place amongst our basic needs. This is why so many companies replacing brokers and agents of various sources can build big, profitable companies but oftentimes exist only as a small portion of the true market size. With […]

Fatherhood, Trust, and the On-Demand Economy

//David Hirsch// Being a dad is awesome. It’s the absolute greatest experience I’ve had in life. Sometimes it’s difficult to juggle work, travel, and the kids’ schedules all at once. Being a single dad only makes these things even harder. Being a VC, I’m constantly looking for new products and technologies that can help. Given […]

The New Human Rights: Internet Access

//David Hirsch// Emerging markets is the next frontier for mobile content and applications. However, tapping into this burgeoning market requires a different mind set. For some of the people in these markets, a smartphone is the first computer they have ever been exposed to. In order to help them get on the mobile internet on-ramp and […]

Billable Hours: UpCounsel’s Series A

//David Hirsch// This past December I wrote a post highlighting our thesis behind our investment in UpCounsel, an online marketplace for legal services. In the post I wrote: For a small business, independent contractor, or entrepreneur, it doesn’t make sense to use a large law firm with fat, billable hours. On the flip side, lawyers […]

The King of Karma: An Interview with Gokul Rajaram

//David Hirsch// Gokul is a rare gem. Those that know him know that he’s one of the most gifted hybrid product/business minds on the planet. He’s very technical but also has strong customer intuition, understanding human behavior and its intricacies. He also happens to be incredibly generous with his time, working with and advising entrepreneurs and friends […]

The Impact of the Grateful Dead

//David Hirsch// I wasn’t able to make the Grateful Dead’s 50 anniversary concert this past week but as I browsed through my Facebook feed this week, so many friends and colleagues with ages ranging from their early 20s to early 50s made the journey to see one of my favorite bands perform one last time. Reflecting […]