Anish Acharya

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Senior Director of Product Management, Credit Karma

Anish Acharya is The Senior Director of Product Management at Credit Karma. He recently exited Snowball to Credit Karma in December 2015.

Anish sold his first company to Google in 2010. While at Google he served as a Partner at Google Ventures. He also led the Google+ Mobile product team, where he managed Google’s social efforts for mobile and tablet devices. Prior to Google, he co-founded SocialDeck Inc. in 2008 and served as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Earlier in his career, he was a Senior Software Developer, driving core platform and distributed systems efforts at He served as a Director of SocialDeck Inc. His background is in building and managing web and mobile product teams. Mr. Acharya holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Waterloo.